Personal Instagram Project

In order to explore and practice lettering, I created a personal project where I dedicate some time every Tuesday to create a copy based design. It ranges from various styles such as hand lettering to calligraphy to manipulated typography.

The idea is to expand myself as a designer, an illustrator and a letterer. Yet, it has become something greater than that, I have used it as a personal journal. Each post relates to something going on during the week, an emotion I felt or something that I am looking forward to. It’s always been difficult for me to share or express my feelings, much less ask for help or attention. But I feel like this has opened me up to letting out what I bottle up inside. It’s lovely to go back and see a graphic and remember a personal journal entry.

Featured on various Instagram profiles – Slow Roasted and Calligritype.

Also featured on Friends Of Type through Skillshare’s Why We Letter: Designing with Friends of Type with Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong